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Hey guys, I'm new to game developing and programming. This is the very first game I have ever made. I hope you guys can give me some comments. Hopefully I can improve my skill in future projects. Thank you! :D *BEW


  • Every enemy killed charges the orange bar. When it is full, the base will restore an amount of HP.
  • Every enemy killed charges the blue/ purple bar. They both keep decreasing, once full, the player's shooting pattern will be modified, while the bar decrease faster.
  • Bricks can be destroyed by both player and enemies.
  • Companion Bricks (those have feeling) have more HP than the others.
  • Best Time is the longest time you have  survived in one game.
  • Highest Kills is the highest kill count you have ever made in one game.
  • Best Game would be a game first with Best Time, then kill count, as surviving time is more important in a defense game. If two games scored the same Best Time, the result of the one have more kills will be shown as the Best Game.


BaseDefense Ver0.23c.rar 12 MB

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